Luke 17:21  “the kingdom of God is within you” ELC is a 501c3 non-profit organization who’s journey isempower people” to understand the

  • Nature of the kingdom of God
  • Spiritual laws
  • Covenant Blessing                                                                                                                                                                                                         There is a very natural process of Spirit, Mind, and Body, that gives us direct access to the spiritual order, God created in the first 2 chapters of Genesis, that Jesus, called the “kingdom of God”.  Jesus continually compared and challenged the  listener to consider ( think or meditate on )  the “lilies of the field”, or “treasure hid in the earth”, or corn, blade, grain, wheat, seed etc… Explaining, that natures way of expressing, is not through toil,  worry or spin. Things grow on the earth through the unbending force of spiritual order, that God blessed on the day of creation. There is a natural flow of spiritual order that expresses itself in physical form and beauty and  gives or offers  itself to the earth, and we, as reflections of God’s image are no different.

Nature’s flow is governed by Spiritual Law and Spiritual Law is

  •  Light- that moves in one direction (James says “no variableness or shadow of turning)
  • Magnetic- in a sense that it draws things to it
  • Powerful- it overpowered the current system of darkness and chaos

Love, Light, and Law is the unbending force that governs spiritual order and connects us, not only to the Father, but a system that governs a natural approach toward the Goodness of God, that brings eternal transformation. Our aim here at ELC,  is to connect to the concepts of Love, Light, and Law  (as revealed by Father) through attention and meditation in order to create Spiritual, Emotional, and Psychological, well being; through the natural process of Light in the body. Jesus was full of Light, in a sense that He drew things to Him, and overpowered things, when confronted with a system of darkness.

 Spiritual Law is Governed by the Unchanging Mind (God’s Covenant )

The Covenant is the foundation of all biblical truth, and connects us directly to the Heart of God! There is a tremendous amount of Power and Revelation, that flows from the Unchanging Mind, which is exactly what the Covenant represents; Simply because the Covenant is the unbreakable bond between God and Himself in the body of Jesus Christ. It is intended to give to you and I a Strong Consolation, which is impossible for God to lie or (break).

  •  Covenant cannot be broken-  To break it, one forfeits the blessings of the Covenant, and receives the curses. Which is exactly what  God did in the body of Jesus Christ, in order to break the Old Covenant, and usher in a New, based on better promises!
  • Covenant Creates the Unchanging Mind- Focus or Attention on the strength of Gods commitment to you, rather than your commitment to God creates pure Light in the Body!
  • Light in the Body- Creates the unbending force, of Words, full of POWER!

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